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Utah ASD Prevalence

Changes in ASD Prevalence in Utah among 8-year-old children: 2002-2014


  1. Prevalence is a measure of how common a condition is in a population. More specifically, it is the proportion of a population that has a specific condition during a specific time period.
  2. Confidence intervals provide an estimated range of values that are likely to include the population parameter, in this case the true prevalence of ASD.
  3. URADD reports the prevalence of ASD per 1,000 children. In this figure, the prevalence is reported per 1,000 8-year-old children.
  4. Children are identified with ASD based on a community medical diagnosis of ASD and/or an autism special education eligibility.

The prevalence of ASD among 8-year-old children increased steadily between 2002 through 2010. For reasons yet known, the prevalence of ASD among 8-year-old children dropped in 2012 and increased again in 2014. ASD prevalence among 8-year-old children was essentially the same in 2010 and 2014.


Utah Department of Health