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Deborah Bilder, URADD Principal Investigator

Deborah Bilder, M.D., is the Principal Investigator for URADD. She is board-certified in child psychiatry, pediatrics, and psychiatry, and has over 10 years of experience in treating individuals with co-occurring psychiatric disorders and developmental delays. She serves as Medical Director for the University of Utah’s Neurobehavior HOME Program and Autism Diagnostic Clinic. Her research interests include the epidemiology of autism, autism comorbidity, adult outcomes in autism, and psychiatric comorbidity associated with phenylketonuria.

Amanda Bakian, URADD Director and UT-ADDM Co-Investigator and Epidemiologist

Amanda Bakian, Ph.D., is the URADD Director and the co-Investigator and Epidemiologist for UT-ADDM, and is also assistant professor of biostatistics in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Utah. Since 2010, Amanda has administered and managed the URADD and UT-ADDM databases. She has statistical expertise in the design and analysis of observational studies, and the formulation of explanatory models to identify risk factors associated with ASD. She is especially interested in examining spatial relative risk patterns for ASD and identifying the factors that produce these patterns.

William McMahon, FMR. URADD Principal Investigator, UT-ADDM Principal Investigator

William McMahon, M.D., is the cofounder of URADD and the FMR. Principal Investigator of URADD,Principal Investigator of UT-ADDM, and the Chairman of the University of Utah’s Department of Psychiatry. Specializing in Tourette Disorder and Autism, he has conducted extensive research in both fields over the past several decades. His experience in the epidemiology of autism dates back to the mid-1980’s when he conducted the first autism prevalence study in the United States, which was based here in Utah. He has been involved with URADD and UT-ADDM for over ten years.

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